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6th September 2019
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9th September 2019

Thousands Attending NI Voiceless Protest in Belfast on Abortion Legislation

Thousands of people are attending a silent protest at Stormont tonight, Friday, in response to planned liberalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland.
Thousands of people arrived at Stormont Estate on Friday 6th September at 7pm for a silent protest in response to the planned liberalisation of abortion into Northern Ireland. The silent protest, called ‘NI Voiceless’, is open to all those who object to the planned new abortion regime, no matter age, religion or political persuasion. It has been planned by a group of concerned citizens of Northern Ireland who wish to express their deep dissatisfaction with the intended change in the law.
On 10th July 2019, Westminster parliament voted in favour of an amendment to the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Bill, that would liberalise abortion legalisation in Northern Ireland. The bill will take effect after 21 October if the Stormont Executive is not reinstated by then.
This silent protest is in response to the vote and its repercussions, claiming that the people of Northern Ireland were not consulted, that there is no public support in Northern Ireland for this kind of legalisation of abortion and that Westminster have ignored and dehumanised the unborn child disregarding its value and right to life.
The ‘NI Voiceless’ group encouraged people to arrive at the lower gates of Stormont Estate for 7pm on Friday 6th September 2019. At the blow of a whistle they walked silently and slowly to the foot of the steps to Parliament Buildings where the group stood in silence, heads bowed and lights held for six minutes, to represent the six counties in Northern Ireland. A final whistle blew when the protest is over.
Sarah Crutchley, organiser and spokesperson of the ‘NI Voiceless’ silent protest says, “This is a pressing time in Northern Ireland, where concerned citizens, like myself, of all ages, religions and political persuasions can come together and express our deep concern and dissatisfaction with the decisions made in Westminster to impose extreme abortion laws in our country. Our silence will speak volumes. We were not asked, and the unborn children have no voice. Together we are NI Voiceless.”

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