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Knock Basilica

Knock Basilica. (Photo Credit EWTN Ireland)

Marion Carroll Healing Given Official Church Recognition: “A healing for which there is no medical explanation.”

EWTN Ireland, Knock Ireland 1 September.

During his homily on the 30th Anniversary of Marion Carroll’s healing from Multiple Sclerosis at Knock, Bishop Duffy described Marion’s healing as ‘a healing for which there is no medical explanation.’ Today’s announcement is official recognition by the Church of Marion Carroll’s healing at Knock Shrine.

In his homily at mass in Knock today Bishop Francis Duffy said: “Marion recalled a key moment during Benediction and Blessing of the Sick. ‘It was at this time that I got this magnificent feeling – a wonderful sensation like a whispering breeze telling me that I was cured. I got this beautiful, magnificent feeling telling me that if the stretcher was opened that I could get up and walk.’

“And so Marion did.

“Marian’s healing is good news for her, for her husband Jimmy, for her family and friends.

“Marion’s healing is life changing Many people have attested to the dramatic change that came about in Marion here and on her return to Athlone in 1989.

“Without doubt there was a healing, a cure of the illness that beset Marion for several years. Marion was liberated from sickness and its impact on her and on her family.  It is also a healing for which there is no medical explanation at present, it is definite yet it defies medical explanation. Marion wrote, ‘This gift was not to me alone but to the people of the world, to let them know that God was there, and that all people had to do was to ask and they would receive’.

Bishop Duffy speaking at the 30th Anniversary of Marion Carroll's healing at Knock.
Bishop Duffy speaking at the 30th Anniversary of Marion Carroll’s healing at Knock.

“Today we acknowledge the Lord’s work through the intercession of Mary. Today we give thanks to God for this healing.”

Marion Carroll was cured of her multiple sclerosis during a pilgrimage to Knock in 1989.

By 1989, Marion was completely paralysed, she only had a little power in her left hand; was blind in one eye and was losing the sight in her other eye; she was incontinent and found it hard to swallow or talk.

She was described as being like a baby in a pram, and had to be washed, changed, moved and fed.

At the Knock Shrine, Marion was placed before the statue of Our Lady at the front of the basilica. After Bishop O’Reilly gave her holy communion, Marion recounted how she felt sharp pain in both her heels. When the pains left her, every pain in her body disappeared.