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23rd August 2019
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Pro Life Rally Belfast

March for Their Lives 7th September, Belfast

Organisers of a pro-life march which will oppose a Bill passed at Westminster to impose abortion on Northern Ireland say resistance to the measure is drawing support from across the traditional divide in the province.

The Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill was amended in July to legalise abortion in the region if an Executive for the power-sharing Assembly at Stormont is not  formed before October 21st 2019.

Precious Life and other pro-life groups have called for a ‘March for Their Lives’ on September 7th in Belfast. They say the event is gaining support from across the traditional political and religious divide in Northern Ireland.

“We’re expecting thousands of people, from every tradition, to attend the March because people are outraged that the parliament at Westminster has hijacked the democratic process and sought to impose abortion on the people of Northern Ireland” said Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life.

Ms Smyth said that she had seen determined opposition to the measure in staunchly nationalist areas such as West Belfast where Sinn Féín voters were appalled that the party was inviting British direct rule, and equally staunch resistance from Unionist communities which had long agreed that abortion should remain a devolved issue.

The March for Their Lives will hear from Baroness Nuala O’Loan, a member of the House of Lords who has strongly opposed the move to impose abortion. More than 15,000 people signed a letter co-authored by Baroness O’Loan last month which noted that the last vote taken by the Northern Assembly on the issue had rejected abortion legislation. The letter expressed shock that “the Government has dropped their long-standing policy of neutrality on abortion and respect for devolution.”

The March will begin at 2pm at Belfast’s Custom House Square on September 7th.

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