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CatholicFLIX: A great video resource to help you teach Religion in schools. The cost is €99 per year per school and gives unlimited access to all videos for all classrooms.

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14 Super Reasons to get

Super titles:  Confession, First Holy Communion, Confirmation; Baptism, The Mass, The Saints.
Resource:  A great video resource to help teach Religion in schools;
User Tested: Used by over one thousand schools across Ireland;
Accredited:  Each children’s video theologically checked for proper instruction;
Safe Environment:  Teachers say that accredited videos hosted on a safe website helps safeguard against undesirable YouTube suggestions or playlists;
Time:  Helps teachers utilise expert religious instruction and make best use of class time;
Ease of Access:  Instant access to dozens of relevant catholic videos;
Relevance:  Videos matched by individual school year;
Popularity:  Watched by thousands of children nationwide;
Cartoon:  All children’s videos rendered in cartoon format;
Comedy:  Comical video sketches but giving a clear catholic message;
Approved:  EWTN media is an approved catholic media platform by Catholic bishops in Ireland;
Age Range:  Applicable to a wide range of children from 3 to 11 years of age;
Great price:  These “Online” video resources are available to all Teachers in all Classes in your School for just €99 per year.
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CatholicFlix is an initiative of EWTN, a registered Irish Charity. We offer catholic videos and other resources to schools. Our range of videos include many titles to help you teach Religion in Schools.