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CatholicFLIX: A great video resource to help you teach “Grow in Love”.

CatholicFlix is an initiative of EWTN, a registered Irish Charity. We offer catholic videos and other resources to schools. Our range of videos include many titles to help you teach Religion and “Grow in Love” in Schools. Helpful videos for each school year are given below:

The cost is €30 per year per school and gives unlimited access to all videos for all classrooms.


14 Super Reasons to get

Super titles:  Confession, First Holy Communion, Confirmation; Baptism, The Mass, The Saints.
Resource:  A great video resource to help teach “Grow in Love” in schools;
User Tested: Used by over one thousand schools across Ireland;
Accredited:  Each children’s video theologically checked for proper instruction;
Safe Environment:  Teachers say that accredited videos hosted on a safe website helps safeguard against undesirable YouTube suggestions or playlists;
Time:  Helps teachers utilise expert religious instruction and make best use of class time;
Ease of Access:  Instant access to dozens of relevant catholic videos;
Relevance:  Videos matched by individual school year and “Grow in Love” topic;
Popularity:  Watched by thousands of children nationwide;
Cartoon:  All children’s videos rendered in cartoon format;
Comedy:  Comical video sketches but giving a clear catholic message;
Approved:  EWTN media is an approved catholic media platform by Catholic bishops in Ireland;
Age Range:  Applicable to a wide range of children from 3 to 11 years of age;
Great price:  These “Online” video resources are available to all Teachers in all Classes in your School for just €30 per year.