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19th November 2019
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19th November 2019

Honouring the Martyrs of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This short film records how the magnificent new statue of St Oliver Plunkett in Armagh Cathedral  honours all those persecuted for their faith.

In July, a statue of Saint Oliver Plunkett was unveiled at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh. Cast in bronze by Dublin-sculptor Dony MacManus, the seven-foot high statue depicts Saint Oliver at the moment of his martyrdom.

Outlining the thinking behind the statue of St Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop Eamon Martin explained:

“We commissioned the Dublin-born artist, Dony MacManus, to prepare the bronze sculpture which will be unveiled, blessed and dedicated this evening at the end of Mass.

I asked Dony if he could inspire both devotion and admiration for the courage and serenity shown by Saint Oliver in face of such an horrific execution. Secondly, I wished that his work would speak into the reality of Christian persecution today; but, most importantly, I asked Dony if he could help us to see, in this sculpture of Saint Oliver, the face of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who humbly gave His life for us on the Cross.”

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