Pope Francis’ Chilean Healing Mission
17th May 2018
Midwife: Repealing Ireland’s abortion amendment would harm women
18th May 2018

Starts: Thursday 17th May , Ends:   Friday 25th May (Abortion Referendum Day)

Please Pray this 9-Day Rosary Novena with us?

On Friday 25th May, the Irish Government will hold a Referendum to legalise abortion in Ireland. If passed, then abortion will be made available for any reason ‘without restriction up to 12 weeks’ of pregnancy. That means, a baby in the womb can be aborted for any reason up to 3 months. A shocking scenario! We cannot stand by and simply let this happen!

We are urgently calling people to pray the Rosary every day  – for 9 days – to protect Ireland from abortion. If we turn to Mary, Our Blessed Mother, to help us, she will intercede with her son Jesus for our dear country. Prayer is urgently needed. Will you pray with us?

For more information go to: www.rosaryforireland.com