Bravery Under Fire tells the story of Fr Willie Doyle SJ.  Fr  Doyle was an Irish Catholic Jesuit, who enlisted as a Chaplain in the British Army in 1915 because he wanted to be on the battlefield with soldiers when they most needed a priest.

Bravery Under Fire seeks to give some insight into the heroic life of Jesuit Fr  Doyle. Our hope is that people will be inspired by the life of this remarkable man.

He was so brave during the First World War that he ran countless times into “no man’s land” to drag fellow soldiers to safety or lie with them in no-mans land while giving them the last rites. Bravery Under Fire covers Fr Willie Doyle’s spiritual training throughout his life. He was so devout that he would arise early to swim and pray in an icy lake at Rathfarnham Castle and would pray throughout the night while on the front line.

The docudrama demonstrates if it was not for this spiritual training Fr Doyle may not have had the courage to carry out the war exploits that have made him so famous.

Interviews & Articles

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Screening of Bravery Under Fire and Q&A with Producer/Director Campbell Miller on Friday 2nd November at 7pm.

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