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Fr Paddy McCafferty

Fr Paddy McCafferty, picture by Mal McCann, Irish News.

Belfast priest Fr Paddy brings Blessed Sacrament to Parishioners

The Irish News paper reported on Fr Paddy McCafferty who brought the Blessed Sacrament to his parishioners as he carried a monstrance through his Corpus Christi parish during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Writing in the Irish News Suzanne McGonagle reported that Fr McCafferty travelled through Corpus Christie parish in West Belfast in the back of an open topped car driven by one of his parishioners.

Fr McCafferty said it allowed him to bring “the most Blessed Sacrament around the streets of the parish and bless the homes and families”.

The Irish News report detailed his journey through Springhill, Ballymurphy, Whitecliff, Divismore and Glenalina as well as Sliabh Dubh, Springfield Park, Moyard and New Barnsley.

The final part of his visit took him to the Whiterock Road, Westrock and Whiterock Gardens.

Fr McCafferty said it allowed people to “come to the doors of their homes, or into their gardens, as a public act of faith and love, to Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament”.