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Celtic Connections

Five Giants of the Church Speak to the Irish

Host Kathy Sinnott with guests: Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr Pat Collins, St. John Paul II, Frances Hogan and His Excellency Archbishop Jude Okolo.

Celtic Connections presents five giants of the Church speaking to Ireland about the past, the present and the future of the Irish nation and the Church. In an exclusive interview obtained by Celtic Connections recorded in 2003, Fr. Benedict Groeschel CFR speaks a sobering message to the Irish. Fr Pat Collins, Irish exorcist and international Charismatic Renewal leader, has a challenging and prophetic message for Ireland given at this years Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin. In one of the most prophetic and forthright messages of his pontificate, St. John Paul II said to the Irish, “Ireland is at a point of decision in her history.” "Ireland must choose. Your choice must be clear and your decision firm!” Scripture scholar and EWTN host Frances Hogan has prayerful analysis on how the nation has taken a wrong turn and what the faithful must do in response. Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Jude Okolo, gave Celtic Connections a rare and exclusive interview. His excellency gave advise on how the faithful should reflect on the current crisis in the nation and in the Church.

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