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Ways to receive EWTN

By Satellite (both Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland)

a) Available to all Subscribers to SKYSKY EPG 589  


b) Available free with your own dish and receiver: You can ask a local installer to provide you with your own dish (ask for 80cm size) and receiver. The total cost for the equipment and receiver including installation   would normally be between €150 - €250 (Republic of Ireland) or £150 - £175 (Northern Ireland). After the initial outlay, there are no monthly costs at all. You can then watch EWTN on Eurobird Satellite which also has about 240 other free channels including BBC, etc., nearly all in English. 


Sky Freesat and BBC Freesat (Northern Ireland only)

Sky Freesat currently offers its satellite dish, receiver and installation for circa £175. After purchase there are no ongoing monthly charges. There are over 240 free channels including EWTN TV on EPG 589. Telephone SKY to arrange installation at 0844-2411602. Although EWTN is not automatically included on BBC’s Freesat’s EPG with a dedicated channel number, it can be received by a manual tune-in from the Free to Air Channels. 


Cable TV (Republic of Ireland only)

In The Republic of Ireland, available in the digital package of UPC (formerly NTL-Chorus), Channel 815; on Casey Cablevision, Channel 802, in the Dungarvan area.


Streaming Video (both Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland)

EWTN Europe/English TV programming is available live on or All EWTN’s TV channels worldwide (English, Spanish, some French and German) are on


EWTN RADIO (both Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland)

a) Satellite Radio: On SKY EPG 0147 or via your own satellite dish and receiver from Eurobird satellite.


b) Streaming from Broadband: Available on  The audio from your computer can be picked up by a Wifi-DAB radio in any room in your home within range of your network.


c) Shortwave Radio: The programme schedule showing the hours broadcasted and the frequencies can be seen and downloaded by clicking here


WWW.EWTN.COM (both Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland)

Besides streaming all EWTN’s TV and Radio channels and providing the programme schedules, EWTN’s main website offers extensive Catholic resources including one of the largest Catholic document libraries online, a full interactive website for children, a forum for asking questions of experts, and specialty pages on a variety of topics.


FREE PROGRAMME GUIDE (both Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland) 

For a free TV Program Guide and any additional information Click here to submit your details.