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Description of this week's Show:
Part 1: Irish "Same Sex Marriage" Referendum - Ireland decides 
Friday 22nd May the Irish people have been asked to vote in a referendum that if carried would change the Irish constitution to include same sex marriage. This week the Irish government announced that it was withdrawing funding to marriage preparation courses run by the Catholic Church. This at a time when the demand for such services in Ireland is at an all time high. If the referendum is carried, Ireland will become the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote - and the first country to put same sex marriage in its constitution. Celtic Connections has an interview with Irish writer and journalist Bruce Arnold who wrote an open letter to his friend Irish Prime Minster Enda Kenny explaining why the referendum is a mistake. This interview is included courtesy of Spirit Radio Ireland.
Part 2: / British Elections - Thoughts from a pro-life advocate.
Last week the UK Conservative Party won a surprise victory in the Westminster elections. What does this mean for christians in Great Britain? What about the pivotal issues of life, family and religious freedom? Celtic Connections talks to British March for Life member Isabel Vaughan-Spruce about her thoughts on the election.

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