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Description of this week's Show:
Mary Aikenhead, Ireland's Mother Teresa / Why I made my Oath of Fidelity in public.
Part 1
19th century Ireland was a cold and hungry place for Irish Catholics. The Potato Famine wiped out one million of its citizens, the great majority of them poor Catholics. Mary Aikenhead, native of Cork, was born into a Protestant family. Her story of conversion and call to serve the poor shows her to be one of the great lives of 19th century Ireland. Mary Aikenhead’s life also has lessons for 21st century Ireland as it faces new challenges that undermine the foundations of Irish society and threaten to marginalise the Catholic faith. Kathy's guest Irish historian Gillian Doherty tells Kathy the remarkable story of Mother Mary Aikenhead, declared venerable on March 18th by Pope Francis.

Part 2
How can Catholics have confidence that those in positions of leadership adhere fully to the Faith as they exercise their office? How can those who serve in leadership affirm their commitment to the teachings of the Faith they are pledged to proclaim? The Solemn Profession of Faith and the Oath of Fidelity are made by those who would take up office in the Church. Though this oath is commonly undertaken in private, England's School of the Annunciation’s new rector Fr. Guy de Gaynesford made his oath in public. Dr. Caroline Farey, School faculty member, talks to Fr. Guy about why he choose to make the Oath of Fidelity before staff and friends during Holy Mass. The new rector also explains why he believes the Oath is integral to the mission of the School of the Annunciation, dedicated, as it is, to the New Evangelisation.

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