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EWTN can help bring Christ to your Parish

For many people the local parish is the primary, and sometimes only, point of interaction with our global Catholic family. The parish is the place where people encounter the presence and grace of Jesus Christ, in and through His Church, and are nourished and enlivened by His teaching and sacraments.


EWTN wants to help every parish live its mission to the full, and to support every parish priest in his invaluable ministry and service. To respond to Pope Benedict XVI's invitation for the Year of Faith, we are working to bring EWTN's free Catholic Television and Radio to as many people in Ireland as possible.


EWTN Catholic Television and Radio provides programming and resources for every member of the family and parish community, with rich teaching, live events, insightful discussion, current news, family entertainment, conversion stories, saints lives, movies and films, and lots more. And it's all completely free.


In addition EWTN's Religious Catalogue offers a range of DVDs and books that can help with general catechesis, RCIA programmes, First Communion and Confirmation, ongoing adult formation, youth groups, and other types of Catholic education.


How to Share EWTN in Your Parish

Telling people about EWTN in your parish is easy. There are 4 SIMPLE STEPS, and we provide the tools you need:


  1. Through the Priest in the Parish, select a weekend Mass to tell everyone in the parish about EWTN.
    Tell us how many parishioners attend Mass at the weekend and we will send you a quantity of our information flyer (completely free), which is perfect for putting on pews, attaching to the newsletter, or handing out at the doors after each Mass.
  3. Add a concise paragraph about EWTN to the parish newsletter for that weekend.
  4. Ask the Parish Priest or a designated lay person can make a brief announcementfrom the pulpit encouraging all parishioners to discover EWTN and the many ways it can support and enhance parish life and Catholic culture.

 And afterwards, don't forget to email us to tell us how it went!

     Tools you might need to help you share EWTN in your Parish

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